• Beamster


    BEAMSTER is a new Beginner Soldering Series kit. All that is required is a soldering iron and a few tools to get started. Upon completion, you have a multifunction flashlight. BEAMSTER is ideal for emergency or everyday use in your secret hiding...

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  • Green Life

    Green Life

    Patent #: US D698,870 S Change…most people find it difficult because of their set routines and mundane ways. Thankfully, children are our future and they are more amenable to change. Give them the opportunity to learn and experience...

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  • Happy Hopping Frog

    Happy Hopping Frog

    Almost comical, this little green amphibian friend leaps with a joyful sense of freedom. Using its hind legs and rubber feet, Happy Hopping Frog jiggles its eyes as a dog would wag its tail acknowledging its love and appreciation to its owner...

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  • OWI Robots Activities and Experiments Curriculum

    OWI Robots Activities and Experiments Curriculum

    This CD curriculum provides easy to follow step-by-step activities and experiments for the following OWI Robots: Binary Player, Jungle and 4 in 1 Robot, Kabuto Mushi Robot, Moonwalker II, Hyper Peppy, Soccer Jr., Spider III, and Sumo, and Weasel Robots...

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  • Penguin Life

    Penguin Life

    Can penguins fly? You are correct! They have wings but are used as flippers for swimming underwater and leaping across the top of waves. Do penguins live in igloos? You are brilliant! But guess what? Our penguin has a special connection to an igloo...

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  • Rhino Beetle

    Rhino Beetle

    Almost lifelike, OWI’s aluminum beetle building kit features one of strongest creatures on earth that you assemble from metal and bendable aluminum parts.  You might ask, what is the strongest creature on earth? I hear you thinking...

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  • Societal Impacts of Computers

    Societal Impacts of Computers

    An OWIKIT first! A resource for secondary school and college computer teachers who try to help students understand complex value conflicts and ethical choices associated with electronic communications. The "National Educational Technology in Education...

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  • Solar Battery

    Solar Battery

    The Solar Battery is comprised of a number of photo voltaic cells. Each cell is made from a slab of semiconductor crystal. When light shines on the cell voltage is produced that can create an electrical current in a circuit. The greater the light...

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  • Sonic F1

    Sonic F1

    The perfect balance of aerodynamics, transmission, speed, and stylish design has made SONIC F1 the top prospect in the racing community.  When equipped with the most power engine, the sun,Sonic F1 races at amazing speeds. It...

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  • Stegosaurus


    Wooden, resin, and plastic dinosaur kits are prehistoric…a thing of the past. OWI’s new aluminum dinosaur kits replicate the authenticated version of everyone’s fossil favorites. Aspiring paleontologists can choose from three...

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  • Walking King Crab

    Walking King Crab

      Methodically, eight legs work in harmony to create a ballet style “tippy-toe” movement.  Similar to its cousin from Alaska, the sun’s rays will make it scurry along to safe passage. If you were thinking about dipping its...

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